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Trends in Analytics

Data Digest: AI Innovation, ML Data Labeling, ML Security

Forces behind AI developments, techniques for labeling data for machine learning, and how to use ML for security.

Data Digest: Data Fabric and Digital Transformation

These articles describe the benefits and drivers behind data fabrics and the people problems behind delays in digital transformation.

Executive Q&A: Exploring the Market for Selling Enterprise Data

Monetizing data is emerging as a way for enterprises to profit from the data they collect and store. Upside asked Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative, about the viability of marketing and selling the information your company collects.

Data Digest: AI/ML for Image Recognition, IoT, and Conversation

Using machine learning and AI for real-world applications such as real-time image recognition, leveraging data from the Internet of Things, and responding to customer conversations.

Data Digest: Ethical, Useful, and Amusing Applications of Machine Learning

Ethics guidelines for AI, using machine learning to improve computer chip design, and training machine learning to identify package thieves.

Data Digest: NLP Approaches, ML Training, and AI Toys

The latest advances in natural language processing, how to decide when to retrain a machine learning model, and the market for AI in children’s toys.

Data Shows COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation of Frontline Workers

Once digital backwaters, essential industries (including manufacturing, distribution, and transportation) are suddenly at the forefront of digital transformation.

Data Digest: Machine Learning, ModelOps, and Mapping

The history and future of machine learning, the benefits of ModelOps for ML, and how ML can help create more accurate maps.

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