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Trends in Analytics

Data Digest: Using Generative AI and Training ML

Leaders looking for concrete applications for generative AI, preparing for AI governance, and labeling data for effective machine learning.

In the Know on Generative AI with Fern Halper

Fern Halper, TDWI’s vice president and senior director of research for advanced analytics, breaks down some of the key terms and concepts involved in today’s generative AI movement.

Data Digest: Training ML, Regulating AI, More AI Applications

New methods for training ML with limited data, a survey calls for oversight of AI, and how analytics and AI can improve the car rental industry.

How AI and the Metaverse Came Together to Create Something Amazing

The metaverse looks to be an amazing tool, especially now that we are blending in AI. It may create a world where working from home is as good as -- or better -- for employee interaction and career advancement.

Data Digest: Governing and Managing AI

The importance of governing generative AI and perspectives on the technology’s rapid adoption.

Data Digest: AI Innovations, Risks, and Governance

Groundbreaking examples of artificial intelligence, protecting your enterprise from the risks of generative AI, and possible guardrails for generative AI.

Data Digest: Hiring Trends, Switching Tracks, Specialization

News about hiring for tech jobs, guidance for job-seeking Ph.D. grads, and advice for improving your data science career.

Data Digest: Improving and Shrinking Machine Learning

What you should know about MLOps, boosting ML models, and putting ML on smartphones.

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