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Self-Service Business Intelligence

Desire for Mobile BI Continues to Increase

Almost three-quarters of users count on mobile access to BI insights, according to a new survey. Supported by improved technology and users' desire for more data access, mobile BI is growing in a big way.

When Businesses Go Around IT for Analytics

Business people have been going around IT organizations for about as long as they've been dealing with them. In a recent report, Gartner tackles the emerging problem of going around IT for analytics.

Data Wrangling Versus ETL: What’s the Difference?

Three things that distinguish data prep from the traditional extract, transform, and load process.

Using Data to Drive Innovation

To move enterprises forward, you need to support innovation with both technology and organizational culture.

3 Best Practices for Implementing Self-Service Data Preparation

Selecting the right data preparation solution can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be if you keep these three best practices in mind.

Top Trends in BI and Self-Service Visual Analytics

Organizations need to seek the right balance of freedom and oversight that enable users to get their work done self-service style. Here are four trends that will help organizations achieve that goal in 2017.

Data Digest: Starting Analytics Projects, Data Wrangling, Governing Self-Service BI

How to get started with data analytics, improve your data wrangling, and set expectations for data governance in self-service BI.

Will Embedding Analytics Increase Adoption?

A recent survey report states that access to self-service is rising, but adoption is falling. However, their findings imply that overall use is relatively steady.

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