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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Physical, Touchable Data Visualizations

These examples are just a few ways that data visualization can be used for more than simple bar graphs.

Defining the Hybrid Data Warehouse

Data warehouse architecture continues to evolve as users modernize their warehouses and as vendor, open source, and cloud provider communities roll out innovative new platforms.

Data Stories: Global Lockdowns, Home Connectivity, and Pandemic Scams

These charts and infographics explain the extent of travel restrictions, remote workers’ tech needs, and online fraud related to COVID-19.

Data Digest: Diverse Skills and Contracts for Data Scientists, AI Trends in Recruiting

How diverse backgrounds help data science teams, hiring a freelance data scientist, and how AI is impacting all hiring.

Data Stories: Modeling Climate Change

Interact with these data visualizations to explore trends and projections about climate change.

IBM Shares COVID-19-Related Resources for Researchers

Offer includes cloud-based AI tool and licensed databases that enable rapid search across diverse data sources.

Why Emotion AI Is the Key to Mental Health Treatment

The last few years have seen promising changes in the realm of mental health. People are talking about it more, breaking the stigma, and seeking treatment. Although this trend is positive, the numbers of those in need of mental health treatment are still high.

Data Stories: Working Remotely and Limiting Travel

These visualizations show how many people worked from home before the coronavirus pandemic and the effect the virus has had on city traffic.

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