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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Tools and Resources for Data Visualization

Need to pick the right tool or the best technique for your data visualization? Check these sources for up-to-date advice.

Data Quality and the Single Customer View

A single view of the customer holds the potential for better customer experiences and stronger marketing relationships, but data quality poses a challenge to its success.

Data Digest: AI and Data Science in the Natural World

These applications for AI, big data, and data science involve agriculture, wildfires, and climate science.

Q&A: How Location Intelligence Helps Make Farming More Environmentally Sustainable

Location data isn't just about plotting the best delivery route or where your customers live. In the use case described in this interview, we learn how Argentinian farmers are profiting from it.

Data Stories: Playing with Predictions

How might you predict the performance of a post or the outcome of a competition? Plus, exploring prediction performance after the fact.

Do Your Analytics Speak to You?

Advances in technology make it possible to deliver your analytics in a new way using natural language generation.

Data Digest: New Data Science Responsibilities, Convincing Colleagues, and Getting Hired

How to define a “full-stack” data scientist, help data scientists face skeptics, and understand factors in data science hiring.

4 Tips for Improving Project Management with Business Intelligence

BI isn't just for analyzing your business' transactions. It can improve project management in four crucial ways.

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