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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Learning Through Play

Presenting data cleverly can help viewers absorb the message. These interactive data visualizations and games demonstrate several possible approaches.

Data Digest: Training Perspectives for Data Science and AI

Why data scientists need to keep learning, tips for studying on your own, and how AI principles could be taught to teenagers.

Data Stories: Outbreaks and Spreading Information

The spread of the new coronavirus has inspired a lot of media coverage, which leads to a lot of data visualization.

AI and Predictive Analytics: Myth, Math, or Magic?

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that math-based analytics can predict human behavior with certainty.

Data Stories: Visualizing the Environmental Impact of Food and Transportation

Data visualizations are useful for quickly comparing multiple options. These articles consider the environmental impacts of food production, milk, and transportation.

Data Stories: Sentiment, Language, and Visualizations

Learn how bad the word “bad” is, how to present data from a Likert scale, and how to run basic sentiment analysis.

Data Digest: Better Outcomes, Marketing, and Jobs with Data Science

Managing data scientists and citizen data scientists, better marketing through data science, and what the data science job market looks like in Europe.

Data Stories: Charts and Maps for Locating Water

These visualizations show precipitation, the impact of the bottled water industry, and the locations of fountains.

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