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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Future Data Scientists, Data Prep Problems, Data Science Hazards

One opinion on how data science jobs will change, a survey on current data preparation challenges, and three deadly sins to avoid in your data science practice.

Data Stories: America’s Pastime in Data

There are many ways to look at sports data. These visualizations chart the shapes of baseball fields, current season predictions, and the way pitch velocity has changed over time.

Data Stories: Video Game Sales, Speed, and Fundraising

Explore video games with these visualizations about game sales by genre, speedrunning Mario, and raising money by playing.

Data Digest: Unintended Consequences of New Technology

New technologies and techniques can bring great advances, or they can create malicious fake videos, traffic problems, and racial profiling.

Guided Analytics and the Future of Data Science in the Enterprise

Using these four properties will help data scientists successfully establish the right environment for the next breed of smart applications.

Data Stories: Branding for Makeup, Snacks, and Online Shopping

Major brands and observers who analyze them both take advantage of modern data-driven insights. These visualizations explore diverse makeup shades, popular office snacks, and the spread of counterfeit goods.

Data Digest: Data Scientist Hiring, Retention, and Skills

How the data science hiring market is changing, how to retain data scientists, and what new skills data scientists need.

Data Digest: Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Deep Learning in Health

Should doctors have data science skills, predicting healthcare risks, and detecting vision problems with deep learning.

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