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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Branding for Makeup, Snacks, and Online Shopping

Major brands and observers who analyze them both take advantage of modern data-driven insights. These visualizations explore diverse makeup shades, popular office snacks, and the spread of counterfeit goods.

Data Digest: Data Scientist Hiring, Retention, and Skills

How the data science hiring market is changing, how to retain data scientists, and what new skills data scientists need.

Data Digest: Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Deep Learning in Health

Should doctors have data science skills, predicting healthcare risks, and detecting vision problems with deep learning.

Data Stories: Data Scale, Bitcoin Energy Costs, Space Junk

Technology is an integral part of society today. These graphics help the viewer think about the size of modern data, the cost of energy, and the debris we leave in orbit.

Data Stories: Camping, Tourism, and Mapmaking

Warmer weather and summer vacations will be here soon; celebrate by planning a camping trip, learning about tourism problems, and looking at elaborate hand-drawn maps.

How DataOps Is Transforming Industries

Two real-world examples demonstrate how putting DataOps principles into practice can yield big payoffs. (Third in a four-part series)

Laying the Foundation to Unlock AI Value at Scale

To provide robust data logistics, your data fabric will need these four traits.

Data Digest: Data Scientist Titles, Recruiting Data Scientists, How to Get Started

What is meant today by “data scientist,” tactics for filling skills gaps, advice for those starting out in data science.

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