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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Video Game Systems and Design

These data visualizations show the video game market over time, the growth of Nintendo specifically, and some fun stats about the original Super Mario Bros. game.

Data Stories: Tracking the Ongoing Pandemic

Recent data visualizations show Australia’s efforts to contain COVID-19, how rapidly information about the pandemic changed over the last year, and how quickly vaccination is happening.

Data Digest: AI Skills, Machine Learning Applications, Designing Better AI

How AI skill requirements are changing, reinforcement learning and ML, and guidelines for designing more useful AI

Eight Security Steps to Take During Organizational Transitions

The recent cyber breach of branches of the U.S. government, including the Defense and Treasury departments, should be a wake-up call for organizations in times of change.

Data Digest: ML and AI for Delivery, Hearing, and Solar Power

Improving logistics for shipping, the function of hearing aids, and solar power production.

Data Stories: How to Create Better Data Visualizations

Read an article about data visualization failures, watch videos about different chart types, and learn what goes into creating a piece of data journalism.

The New Frontier in DataOps: Cloud Application Data

A new, more scalable approach to capturing, ingesting, and acting on SaaS application data is starting to emerge.

Data Digest: Healthcare Data, Vaccine Supply Chains, AI Diagnosis

Technology trends in healthcare, how tech companies are helping with vaccination programs, and research into predicting mental health diagnoses with AI help.

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