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IT and Enterprise Data Management

Data Digest: Data Privacy and Governing AI

Creating a data privacy program, and managing the risks of AI, including generative AI.

Data Digest: Data Quality and Security

Improving and maintaining data quality and advice for working in cybersecurity.

Choosing the Right Data Architecture

Picking the right data platform for your enterprise can be a challenge. Evaluation at scale may be required.

Data Digest: Data and Information Governance

Getting started with information governance, the importance of data governance training, and a case study about a successful large data governance program.

Three Data Removal Myths That Provide a False Sense of Security

As hardware and regulations change, it’s time for enterprises to carefully built – or re-evaluate – their data destruction policies and processes.

Data Digest: High-Tech, Major Challenges

News about a recent cyberattack, the difficulty in designing for a niche piece of technology, and mistakes made in healthcare data.

Data Digest: GDPR and Data Governance

Five years of the GDPR, guidance for data governance frameworks, and using data governance to improve green initiatives.

Data Digest: Learning about Modern Data Governance

Advice for designing a solid data governance program.

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