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IT and Enterprise Data Management

Data Digest: Trends for AI and Data Center Management

These articles collect predictions for data center governance, AI governance, and the data industry as a whole.

Why Data Quality Will Rise to the Top of Enterprise Priorities in 2024

Data is the foundation of modern organizations, so be sure you have a sound data strategy.

Blowing Up Data Governance with Laura Madsen

Laura Madsen, co-founder and partner at Moxi Analytics, discusses the four objectives for successful governance.

Data Digest: Responsible Data and Fallible AI

Evaluate the responsible use of data, how bad data can make AI stupid, and how misused AI causes problems for researchers.

Data Digest: Managing and Unifying Your Data

Read these articles about the benefits of data management for leadership, centralizing unstructured data, and unifying data management and governance.

Data Digest: Data Governance and Privacy Regulations

The GDPR today, looking into the new DGA, and building strong cybersecurity systems.

Data Digest: Data Management and Quality

Effectively managing your data, sharing your data across the enterprise, and ensuring data quality.

Powering a Greener Future: How Data Centers Can Slash Emissions

It is not only AI models impacting earth’s carbon footprint. Any workload involving large data sets can have the same effect. Here’s what data centers can do to mitigate carbon emissions.

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