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Clash of the Titans: Hadoop versus Spark

Because Spark can run independently of Hadoop, some see the two as competitors. However, these technologies can complement each other depending on enterprise needs.

Companies, Users, and Surveys Agree: Spark Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Spark is a hot topic right now. So hot, in fact, it's surpassed Hadoop as the open source technology with the most widespread appeal. Whether it can sustain this momentum is another matter.

The Trouble with Spark

Spark boasts a lot of processing power but still lacks maturity. There are difficulties in keeping it running, and its troubles with workload variety make it problematic for production applications.

Power BI, Embedded App Development, and the Problem of BI Disuse

Microsoft's new Power BI Embedded service gets at a significant issue for data management professionals: anemic BI uptake, what we could call BI disuse.

The End of Hadoop as We've Known It?

Gartner's Merv Adrian dropped a bombshell last month, predicting that Hadoop as we know it may soon cease to exist.

Is Quantum the Future of High-Performance Analytics?

Quantum computing is still more theory than practice, but it might answer questions that are unsolvable by current computers. Earlier this year, IBM made a small quantum computer available via the cloud.

NoSQL Hashing: How Couchbase Does It

How do NoSQL databases distribute data in order to provide low-cost elastic scalability?

Bringing Data Back Home to Big Iron

It's cheaper than ever to host data processing workloads on IBM's zSeries mainframes. Now Rocket Software is touting the hitherto unthinkable: data virtualization for big iron.

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