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TDWI Upside - Where Data Means Business

Digital Transformation: Making Information Work for You

Digital transformation efforts help strategic analytics teams at all types of businesses leverage the information generated to improve business results.

AI Readiness with Fern Halper

TDWI’s Fern Halper explains what enterprises need to do to prepare for AI and introduces initial results from TDWI’s AI Readiness Assessment.

Our Cloud Migration Story: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

Moving to the cloud brings numerous benefits, but there are challenges you must overcome. Here is one company’s experience.

Best Practices to Ensure Data Transformation Success

Prophecy’s founder and CEO Raj Bains explains how organizations can overcome the challenges to achieving enterprise-wide data transformation.

Adding Corporate Data to LLMs with Nicolas Decavel-Bueff

From the rise of RAG to data privacy considerations, Nicolas Decavel-Bueff explains what your organization needs to pay attention to when it comes to AI.

Executive Q&A: Data Quality, Trust, and AI

John Nash, the chief marketing and strategy officer at Redpoint Global, explains how data quality, trustworthiness, and golden records are important to AI.

Data Insights and the Role of AI with Philip Zelitchenko

Organizations can overcome barriers to timely insights. ZoomInfo’s Philip Zelitchenko explains how AI can help.

Reducing Time to Insight with Kevin Bohan

How can improving data management result in faster data access and sharper insights?

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