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Four Tips to Modernize Legacy ETL Processes

Modernizing ETL, especially the underlying infrastructure that supports it, across all your lines of business is vital for enhancing downstream analytics and decision-making.

Data Security Posture Management in the Education Sector: What You Need to Know

Data security posture management is an approach that can help you secure sensitive data in the education sector -- or any industry that handles large amounts of personal data.

Modernizing Data Management with Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez, data evangelist with InfoAdvisors, discusses modernizing data management practices, including the biggest challenges organizations face and the expanding role of data governance.

New TDWI Assessment Examines the State of Data Quality Maturity Today

Fern Halper, Ph.D., vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics at TDWI, discusses modern data quality and a new TDWI tool for assessing its maturity.

Entering the Age of Explainable AI

With the increasing importance being placed on ethical AI, organizations are turning more to “explainable AI” -- a set of processes and methods that allow them to understand the output of machine learning algorithms.

Data Observability in the Cloud: Three Things to Look for in Holistic Data Platform Governance

Thanks to AI, next-generation data observability tools will extend beyond identifying problems and explain how to resolve the problem. To do so, your data platforms will need these three key features.

Case Study: Creating A Visual Dashboard of Forced Labor Around the Globe

The SAS Hackathon winner for 2023 was a group effort. Here’s how the project came about and came together, what data sources it used, who did what (and why), how the team overcame challenges, and what’s ahead for the project.

Modern Data Engineering with Matt Florian

Matt Florian, partner and cloud analytics practice director with Comerit, discusses modern data engineering and key tips for data engineers.

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