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Data Digest: Data Management, Security, and Governance

Learn about basic data management challenges, the importance of app security, and the function of identity governance.

Pillars of AI Governance with Fern Halper

Fern Halper, Ph.D., vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics at TDWI, talks about the six pillars of data governance for artificial intelligence -- including transparency and ethics.

Unstructured Data Management: Plan Your Security and Governance

One-size-fits-all management won’t work for unstructured data. Create a cost-effective security and governance program with this advice.

Data Digest: Governing and Protecting Your Data

Governing data to drive AI, keeping some data private from generative AI systems, and maintaining customer privacy.

Data Management and the Next Generation of AI

James Kobielus, TDWI’s senior director of research for data management, talks about how to update your data management practices to prepare for the next generation of AI.

New York Times Versus Microsoft: The Legal Status of Your AI Training Set

Watch out! Your AI solution should guarantee that you won’t be responsible if any legal claims are made about its training data.

Case Study: Creating A Visual Dashboard of Forced Labor Around the Globe

The SAS Hackathon winner for 2023 was a group effort. Here’s how the project came about and came together, what data sources it used, who did what (and why), how the team overcame challenges, and what’s ahead for the project.

Data Digest: Data Strategy and Leadership

A framework for creating a data strategy, why business leaders must focus on data governance, and a process for consolidating and unifying your data.

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