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Contributor: Mike Shiff

Michael A. Schiff is founder and principal analyst of MAS Strategies, which specializes in formulating effective data warehousing strategies. With more than four decades of industry experience as a developer, user, consultant, vendor, and industry analyst, Mike is an expert in developing, marketing, and implementing solutions that transform operational data into useful decision-enabling information.

His prior experience as an IT director and systems and programming manager provide him with a thorough understanding of the technical, business, and political issues that must be addressed for any successful implementation. With Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from MIT's Sloan School of Management and as a certified financial planner, Mike can address both the technical and financial aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence.

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Be agile in more than just your development projects or prototypes. We offer 11 tools and techniques to help you build an agile data warehouse environment.

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In an effort to protect their privacy, consumers may be providing merchants with inaccurate data.

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Analyst Mike Schiff looks back at the accuracy of his 2013 predictions and offers a short list of trends to watch in 2014.

NoSQL Data Structures: One Structure Does Not Fit All

The traditional relational database is not the only answer to every database application. It's time to gain experience with non-relational (and non-legacy) NoSQL and NewSQL database technologies.

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Protecting your data and ensuring that no data is lost isn't as simple as just making an extra copy, even if storage costs have dropped significantly. We examine key considerations for any data archival/retrieval plan.

A Dark Side of the Cloud: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Why enterprises must have contingency plans for their data before moving to the cloud.

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