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Contributor: Mike Shiff

Michael A. Schiff is founder and principal analyst of MAS Strategies, which specializes in formulating effective data warehousing strategies. With more than four decades of industry experience as a developer, user, consultant, vendor, and industry analyst, Mike is an expert in developing, marketing, and implementing solutions that transform operational data into useful decision-enabling information.

His prior experience as an IT director and systems and programming manager provide him with a thorough understanding of the technical, business, and political issues that must be addressed for any successful implementation. With Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from MIT's Sloan School of Management and as a certified financial planner, Mike can address both the technical and financial aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence.

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What should your enterprise do once you hear of M&A activity?

Big Data Will Create More Accurate Predictions

Although advances in technology have dramatically improved our ability to analyze and mine vast amounts of data, we must remember that the quality of our predictions is directly dependent on the quality of our data.

How Sensor-Generated Data Enhances Your Data Warehouse's Value

Incorporating sensor-based data into our data warehouse will provide new and greatly expanded analysis capabilities -- and raise age-old concerns.

Location, Location, Location

Where a transaction takes place may be just as important as traditional facts about a transaction.

Artificial Intelligence May Transition Decision Support to Actual Decision-Making

Regardless of how you define artificial intelligence, its value is clear for big data applications.

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2014 (and Predictions for 2015)

All seven predictions the author made last year came true. What's ahead for 2015? Here are seven new predictions for the New Year.

Emerging Technologies: And the Beat Goes On

We owe it to our users (and to our careers) to learn about new technologies.

Prepare For Tomorrow By Creating an Agile Data Warehouse Environment Today

Be agile in more than just your development projects or prototypes. We offer 11 tools and techniques to help you build an agile data warehouse environment.

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