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Contributor: Mike Shiff

Michael A. Schiff is founder and principal analyst of MAS Strategies, which specializes in formulating effective data warehousing strategies. With more than four decades of industry experience as a developer, user, consultant, vendor, and industry analyst, Mike is an expert in developing, marketing, and implementing solutions that transform operational data into useful decision-enabling information.

His prior experience as an IT director and systems and programming manager provide him with a thorough understanding of the technical, business, and political issues that must be addressed for any successful implementation. With Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from MIT's Sloan School of Management and as a certified financial planner, Mike can address both the technical and financial aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence.

All articles by Mike Schiff

The Mainframe: Reports of Its Demise Are Premature

Mainframes are back; well, they never really went away.

SWOT: Oracle to Acquire Hyperion Solutions

Oracle’s announced intention to acquire Hyperion Solutions leaves many users, analysts, competitors and partners wondering: what’s next?

A Tipping Point Prediction: More Predictive Analytics

From every direction, predictive analytics will prevail and pervade.

Teradata – A Division From NCR

Spin-offs usually result in two discrete companies, but will that be the case with the division of Teradata and NCR?

Microsoft, Oracle Trade Salvos in the Battle of Linux

Both Microsoft and Oracle have now embraced Linux. What does that mean for you?

SWOT: Oracle Acquires Sunopsis

Oracle nabbed yet another player in the business intelligence space. What does that mean for you?

Will Oracle Offer Its Own Distribution of Linux?

Everyone’s doing it these days, so will Oracle jump on the Linux bandwagon?

Will Open Source Be One of Your Business Intelligence Sources?

Are you open to open-source? It’s out there, but look twice.

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