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Contributor: Jill Dyché

Jill Dyché is an acknowledged speaker, author, and blogger on the topic of aligning IT with business solutions. As the Vice President of SAS Best Practices, she speaks, writes, and blogs about the business value of analytics and information.

Prior to being acquired by SAS in 2011, Jill was a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, where she combined the roles of best-practice expert, industry gadfly, key client advisor, and all-around thought leader. At both firms, she has led client strategies and market analysis in the areas of data governance, business intelligence, master data management, CRM, and big data.

Jill has counseled executive teams and boards of directors on the strategic importance of their information investments. Executives from companies including Charles Schwab, Verizon, and Microsoft have relied Jill’s counsel for data strategy planning and execution.

Jill’s first book, e-Data (Addison Wesley), has been published in eight languages. Her book, The CRM Handbook (Addison Wesley), is the bestseller on the topic. With Evan Levy, Customer Data Integration (John Wiley and Sons) was the first book on the topic of master data management and discussed managing data as a strategic asset. Jill has contributed to a range of other books and her work has been featured in leading publications including Computerworld, CIO Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Harvard Business Review blog,, and

Her latest book, The New IT: How Technology Leaders Enable Business Strategy in the Digital Age, profiles executives from companies including Comerica, Brooks Brothers, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Canadian Tire, Union Bank, Mandalay Resort Group, Men’s Wearhouse, and Toyota Financial Services, highlighting the roles they played in transforming IT and driving strategy.

Jill is a featured speaker at industry conferences, university programs, and vendor events. She judges several best practices awards, is a member of the Society of Information Management, and is on the faculty of TDWI.


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