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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


All articles by James Powell

Q&A: Analytics, Unstructured Data, and the Growth of Social Media

What are the common misperceptions about unstructured data are explored, and how can this data be exploited for game-changing insights?

Q&A: How to Achieve Master Data Management Success

MDM and governance go hand in hand, but how do you know if your MDM approach is working, especially in light of Big Data and social media?

BI Not Meeting Needs of Marketers and Merchandisers, Survey Finds

E-commerce workers can't get the answers they need quickly enough; integration still a headache.

Q&A: Tackling "Big Data" Challenges

How big is big data, and how can you get it under control?

Q&A: Integrating Social Media and Business Intelligence

We explore the benefits and drawbacks of integrating data from social media with your existing BI investment.

Q&A: R 101

R is a high-powered language for analyzing today’s data volumes.

Mobile BI Survey Sheds Light on Use, Ubiquity

A new survey looks at what users want, how pervasive mobile BI is and will be within two years, and stresses how vendors must keep us with fickle users.

Q&A on Emerging Technologies: SaaS BI

How software-as-a-service can be used with BI, plus a look at the technology's drawbacks and limitations.

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