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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


All articles by James Powell

Q&A: Extending Your Data Warehouse for Next-Generation BI

Does your enterprise need a more powerful data warehouse? Industry analyst Claudia Imhoff looks at what's driving the need for next-generation BI and the best practices your enterprise can follow to update your environment.

Q&A: Agile and Self-Service BI

Lyndsay Wise of WiseAnalytics explains the connection between two important business intelligence technologies.

Q&A: The New IT

Technology delivery is no longer the problem, says industry watcher and TDWI faculty member Jill Dyché. Now organizations are examining their organization's structure. Dyché takes a look at what this means for IT's future and why IT must change.

Q&A: Data Warehouses and the Demands of Big Data

Is big data at the center of the future of data warehouses? Is big data valuable or overrated? Jonas Olsson, CEO of Graz, gives us perspective.

Q&A: Cutting through the Glitz of BI's Shiny Objects

What's hype and what's real? What BI shiny objects have attracted our attention -- and perhaps distracted us? Marc Demarest and Mark Madsen explain what's hot and what's not.

Q&A: New Perspectives on Big Data Problems

Big data issues -- from proper testing to developing accurate models -- can’t be ignored. The Modeling Agency’s Tony Rathburn takes at look at several important big data issues troubling enterprises today.

Q&A: Managing and Evaluating Your BI Tool Portfolio

Cindi Howson explains best practices for evaluating (and re-evaluating) your BI tool set and looks at what's cool in BI.

Big Data Study Reveals Enterprise Attitudes, Engagement, and Challenges

Results of a survey by IT industry association CompTIA shows that enterprises recognize data as a corporate asset and understand the benefits of managing and exploiting big data.

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