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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


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Q&A: Agile Basics and Best Practices

How can you increase customer satisfaction and deliver project results faster? Laura Everson of Mayo Clinic in Rochester shares agile best practices ahead of her keynote presentation at TDWI's World Conference in San Diego.

Q&A: Lessons Learned from Enterprise Analytics

Three IBM analytics experts examine how IBM has leveraged the technology in enterprises around the world. In this interview, they explore the lessons learned and challenges BI professionals face in their analytics journey.

Q&A: Advanced Data Visualization: From Atomic Data to Big Data

How is information overload converging on real-time decision making? Andrew Cardno, a data visualization expert at AmericanKiwi LLC, shares his perspective.

Q&A: The Four Pillars of Agility

Agile is simple but not easy, says chief systems architect Ralph Hughes. He examines the techniques and technologies that can eliminate miscommunications and wasted efforts that often undermine DW/BI development projects.

Q&A: Transforming Your Organization into an Agile Enterprise

Agile is a lean philosophy that's useful for more than just development. How can you maximize success when moving to an agile enterprise? PayPal's Kyle Forbes shares his thoughts and experience.

Q&A: Advanced Data Visualization: From Atomic Data to Big Data

A look at the current issues surrounding advanced visualization, from big data to who needs more powerful features.

Q&A: Using Decision Management to Maximize Analytics

What is decision management and how is it related to advanced analytics? What kind of decisions can be managed (and thus improved), and how can you identify them?

Agile Data Integration with Extreme Scoping

Do your data integration projects need to be more responsive to your users? Extreme Scoping may be just what you need to be more agile, and it's easy to incorporate its principles into your current methodology.

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