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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


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5 Minutes with a Data Scientist: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro of KDnuggets

To provide you with the most useful, most current information, Upside is collecting quick perspectives from working professionals. Today, meet Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, president of KDnuggets.

What's Holding Data Scientists Back?

Many people have the wrong mindset about data scientists according to Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. Without quality data management and collaboration from leadership, data scientists can't fulfill their purpose.

Intelligent Authentication Using Data Analytics

Financial institutions are using more sophisticated techniques to ensure security and improve the user experience.

Embedded Analytics Going (and Growing) Strong

A new survey sheds light on how and why enterprises are using embedded analytics, and shows what developers say is ahead for the technology.

Q&A: Big Data Trends

How are enterprises gearing up to conquer big data? What issues are they worried about? How do they plan to use big data? Read about the changes ahead.

Survey Reveals Progress, Back Sliding in BI Self-Service Trends

Despite strong benefits, fewer than a quarter of users have access to BI self-service tools and technology.

Q&A: The Seven Metrics of Highly Successful EDW Programs

How can you measure the success of your enterprise data warehouse initiative? Ralph Hughes has devised a concise set of seven factors to evaluate.

Q&A: Where We Began -- BI and the Essentials of Information Demand and Supply

Noumenal's Marc Demarest explains why it's time to get back to where the industry began and understand the essentials of information demand and supply, not focus on the technical characteristics of the plumbing.

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