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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


All articles by James Powell

5 Minutes with a CEO: Ryan Shaw of Shoreditch

CEO Ryan Shaw describes his experiences running a start-up and how he sees analytics being used by different stakeholders.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Jeff Bishop of Top Stock Picks

As a business owner, Jeff Bishop monitors analytics to make sure his company is reaching the right people with the right message.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Scott Phillips of Rise Art

Upside spoke recently with the founder of an online art marketplace about how analytics are used in his company to improve the customer journey.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Sejun Ra of ZEPL

What does it take to be a successful CEO, and where is analytics going from a CEO perspective?

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Mike Driscoll of Metamarkets

Mike Driscoll of Metamarkets explains where data analytics and data science are headed, the tools and techniques that have great potential, and the beauty of tables in displaying analytics results.

5 Minutes about Cybersecurity: Steve Surfaro of Axis Communications

Steve Surfaro of Axis Communications spoke with Upside about the effect of connected devices on physical security, cybersecurity, and the future of the security industry.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Ruben Ugarte of Practico Analytics

The founder of Practico Analytics spoke with Upside about the people skills that analysts need in order to create reports that will truly help their colleagues succeed.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Sana Narani of Logi Analytics

If you're starting out as an analyst, be prepared to embrace the "Wild West" of data.

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