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Contributer: Dave Stodder

David Stodder is director of TDWI Research for business intelligence. He focuses on providing research-based insights and best practices for organizations implementing BI, analytics, data discovery, data visualization, performance management, and related technologies and methods. Stodder has provided thought leadership about BI, analytics, information management, and IT management for over two decades. Previously, he headed his own independent firm and served as vice president and research director with Ventana Research. He was chief founding editor of Intelligent Enterprise and served as editorial director for nine years.


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Data's Beauty: In the Eye of the Beholder

How can organizations use data visualization, visual analytics, and visual data discovery to improve decision-making, collaboration, and operational execution? We present three key insights from the latest TDWI research.

Bringing Big Data into Focus

Two trends to watch this year in big data.

Enterprise Data Strategy: It’s Not Magic

A data strategy that does not anticipate business and technology change will likely be doomed to irrelevance.

BI/DW Agility: Go Faster, But Not Too Fast

Organizations implementing agile methods have to ensure that project schedules allow for enough iteration to enable agile teams to uncover and incorporate new requirements into their applications. Only then will the faster pace of development create a faster path to information advantage.

3 Emerging Innovations for BI and Analytics

As 2013 gets closer, here are three exciting and impactful technology innovations we are likely to see and that will likely capture your attention.

BI Experts: Relieving Agile BI Choke Points

Organizations must discover why and where their systems are inflexible and how they can apply new methods and technologies to increase agility. These three tips can help you get off on the right foot.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media: Executive Summary

Customer analytics is about implementing technologies and methods for knowing more about customers’ behavior, their paths to purchasing goods and services, and what actions will engender greater loyalty among those who are most valuable. This new research reveals best practices, barriers, and benefits.

BI Experts: Close Encounters with Customers: 3 Steps to Success

Three recommendations for improving customer intelligence and engagement.

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