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BI This Week

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Data Digest: Data Modeling and Business Value, Plus Data Recovery and Log Data

Data modeling isn't just about getting the right results; it's important to know when your model has "expired." Plus using log data as a security weapon and a look at disaster recovery techniques.

Talking Data with Non-Data People

If non-technical people don't grasp why good data management is important, argues Linda Powell, chief data officer with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, IT people and data management practitioners have only themselves to blame.

Q&A: When to Add a Data Scientist to Your Predictive Analytics Team

A veteran industry consultant and mentor discusses how to tell when your predictive analytics team is ready for a data scientist.

Graph Databases from a Data Integration Perspective

Data virtualization enables you to get all the value out of your graph database. Here's how.

Data Digest: Data Analytics, Malware, and Cybersecurity

Two articles help you protect your precious data assets.

Q&A: When is Your Predictive Analytics Team Ready for a Data Scientist?

A veteran industry consultant and mentor suggests building your predictive analytics team first, then bringing in a data scientist.

Big Data Will Create More Accurate Predictions

Although advances in technology have dramatically improved our ability to analyze and mine vast amounts of data, we must remember that the quality of our predictions is directly dependent on the quality of our data.

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