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BI This Week

See the most recent BI This Week articles below.

Say "Yes" to Your Business Users

Say "yes" when you mean it but be realistic about expectations and limitations.

Data Digest: Predicting the Future with Social Media, Tracking Employee Value, and Load Balancing

Social media and the future, metrics for valuing employees, and the importance of load balancing.

Data Digest: The Future of BI, Efficient Backup Systems, and Agile Frameworks

What's ahead for BI professionals, plus the pros and cons of agile frameworks and how to perform more efficient backups.

Accelerating M&A with Modern Data Management

We discuss rapid pre-merger analytics and post-merger integration in the cloud.

Q&A: Analytics Ushers in New Era of Data-Driven Sales Management

Combine data from a compensation management system with the power of analytics, mix in the right algorithms, and you have a prescription for far more powerful sales performance management.

Making the Most of Legacy Data (Part 2 of 2)

Old data can still provide new insights.

Data Digest: Unstructured, Dark, and Smartphone Data

We present three articles all focused on data: how to get insights from unstructured data, how to bring dark data to light to benefit your enterprise, and keeping data on smartphones secure.

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