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BI This Week

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Data Digest: Spatial Analytics, Predictive Analytics Pitfalls, and Simplifying Visualizations

Articles of interest today focus on data visualization (including spatial analytics) and the five common pitfalls of predictive analytics.

Data Digest: Feds' Big Data Adoption, New Era of BI and Analytics, and Cloud Pointers

Why the federal government is so slow adopting big data, plus teh shift after the tipping point of BI and analytics, plus pointers for moving to the cloud.

Finding Use Cases for Big Data

Collecting lots of data is inexpensive. Finding the right place to use that data is crucial for getting the greatest benefit.

Securing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise for a more intelligent, efficient, safe, and even anticipatory means of human adaptation to the environment, be it natural or manmade. IoT has the potential to enable improvements to many facets of life. It's enabling the interconnectedness of "things" and resulting insights and synergies, yet that very connectedness raises concerns for security and privacy that must be addressed.

A Platform for All Data, Big and Small

In an era of ever-expanding data volumes and heterogenous data-processing requirements, Vertica really shines, HP officials maintain.

Cisco Takes on Data Prep in Manhattan

The old barriers keep breaking down, as Cisco demonstrates with its forthcoming Cisco Data Preparation product. The networking behemoth positions its foray into data prep as a complement to its more traditional data virtualization technology.

Data Digest: Big Data and Federal Agencies, New Era of BI and Analytics, and Pointers for Moving to the Cloud

A new Unisys survey looks at government adoption of big data practices, plus a BI and analytics post tipping point, and best practices for moving to the cloud.

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