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Data Digest: 10 Tips for Working with Big Data, Preventing Bias in Qualitative Analysis, and Finding the Right BI Analytics Tool

Help for beginning big data analytics, plus how to avoid bias in data analytics and how to choose the best analytics tool for your business using 10 metrics.

Year in Review: The Year of DIY in BI

Highlights of the major business intelligence events in 2015, the year when do-it-yourself business intelligence took off.

QlikView 12 Uses Second-Generation Data Indexing Engine

Provides seamless compatibility and common data models across Qlik products; enhances enterprise capabilities.

Operationalizing and Embedding Analytics: 3 Best Practices for Taking Action

What good is analyzing data if you don't take action on it?

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2015 (and Predictions for 2016)

How accurate were our data warehousing observer's predictions, and what's ahead for 2016?

How to Find a Story in Data

Tips for data storytellers who struggle to find stories in data.

Data Digest: What IoT Will Affect, Data Breach Aftermath, and Big Problems with Big Data Analytics

How the huge increase in Internet-of-Things devices will impact the enterprise, plus what to do after a data breach and the big problems with big data analytics.

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