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Prioritizing Data: Why a Solid Data Management Strategy Will Be Critical in 2024

This year, smart enterprises will see beyond hype and strategically position themselves for success by using data as a foundational asset to deliver growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Data Stories: Mapping Scale and Conveying Size

A good data visualization must be able to convey the scale of its subject to the audience. Check out these examples that compare maps, print out a river, and illustrate the size of the universe.

Data Digest: Data Science and AI Training

Tips for training in data science, the importance of AI skills for businesses, and training employees in new skills.

Training for Data Literacy with David Tam

David Tam, data and analytics business partner with HSB Canada, explains his team’s journey with data literacy training.

Three Best Practices for Optimizing the Benefits of Your Modern Data Stack

Here are three ways your enterprise can get the most from your data stack.

Harnessing the Power of Diverse Data with Fern Halper

Fern Halper, Ph.D., TDWI vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics, discusses the findings from her new Best Practices Report on harnessing the power of diverse data for business growth.

Data Digest: Preparing Businesses and Staff for AI

These articles explore how to improve data for AI, how few staff are ready to use AI, and the importance of training employees in new skills.

Data Stories: Untangling Line Charts

Methods for creating legible line charts and understanding Sankey diagrams.

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