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Overcoming Generative AI-Driven Supply Chain Delays and Resource Shortages

AI applications will continue to flourish in the coming years, so back-end data center ecosystems must prepare to supply the necessary infrastructure.

Unlocking Real-Time Insights: Overcoming the Challenges of Streaming Data

Streaming data is essential to create a living data stack where everything updates automatically, but there can be multiple layers of complexity to work through.

What Generative AI Means for Data Jobs

The technology-will-steal-your-job narrative has been around for at least 200 years. Some roles do disappear, but most simply evolve, adapt, and merge.

The Power of Spatial Analytics in Business Intelligence

The future of BI driven with spatial analytics promises to be transformative. We present a wide variety of today’s use cases.

The Unfortunate Decision Process That Is Leading to AI Deployment Failures

When implementing a new technology, you need a deep understanding of the problem you want it to solve.

Data Platforms for AI and ML with Richard Winter

Independent consultant Richard Winter explains what a data platform is, the role of generative AI, and how to protect data from public exposure in chatbots.

Data Insights and the Role of AI with Philip Zelitchenko

Organizations can overcome barriers to timely insights. ZoomInfo’s Philip Zelitchenko explains how AI can help.

Reducing Time to Insight with Kevin Bohan

How can improving data management result in faster data access and sharper insights?

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