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MicroStrategy Auto AI Bot Makes Enterprise Analytics Accessible to All

Building upon MicroStrategy AI, MicroStrategy ONE Users can ask for AI-powered insights in natural language without relying on a dashboard, making it simple to incorporate BU into every business decision.

Note: TDWI's editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a pioneer in AI-powered business intelligence, has released MicroStrategy Auto, a customizable AI bot that offers a fast, simpler way to deliver business intelligence to anyone in an organization. Auto is the latest enhancement to MicroStrategy AI, released in October 2023, a solution for rapidly building AI applications on trusted data.

Lightweight and embeddable, Auto can be deployed as a standalone app in the MicroStrategy ONE library or embedded into third-party applications. It also offers complete customization to tailor its appearance, language style, and level of detail. And because it’s powered by generative AI, users can interact with the bot using natural language.

As a result, Auto removes barriers to fast, effective decision-making by making applications smarter and putting enterprise analytics in the hands of users no matter what skill level or application they’re using. There’s no need to use a complex dashboard to get insights, and users can ask for information in ordinary language, making it effortless to incorporate business intelligence into business decision-making. 

Auto increases productivity and effectiveness for data consumers and data creators alike. For example, sales representatives in the field can quickly access detailed analytics on customer production volume or product failure rates with a single question to Auto during client negotiations. For data analysts, Auto eliminates many ad hoc requests for report or dashboard enhancements by making end users more self-sufficient. With backlogs reduced, data analysts can spend more time on projects that add strategic value to the organization.

MicroStrategy AI includes preconfigured applications of Auto for specific uses, such as Auto SQL for automating SQL generation, Auto Dashboard for dynamically building dashboards from conversational queries, and Auto Answers for streamlining support queries within MicroStrategy ONE. MicroStrategy AI makes it easy for any user, regardless of analytics skill level, to interact with data using natural language.

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