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Stonebranch Report Offers Insights into IT Ops, DevOps, CloudOps, and DataOps Teams

Annual study reveals cloud automation, self-service, and service orchestration trends.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose press releases related to the data and analytics industry. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key information but make no claims as to its accuracy.

Stonebranch, a provider of service orchestration and automation solutions, published the Stonebranch 2023 Global State of IT Automation Report: IT Automation and Orchestration Benchmarks for IT Ops, DevOps, CloudOps, and DataOps Teams, its annual benchmark study of the automation priorities, expectations, and challenges of IT professionals worldwide.

Giuseppe Damiani, CEO at Stonebranch, noted,. "Our research provides essential insights for IT Ops, DevOps, CloudOps, and DataOps professionals worldwide who use automation to help connect workflows and drive efficiencies."

The report a January 2023 survey of IT automation professionals and executives. Its insights include:

  • Cloud is a top priority in 2023. Cloud automation tops the list of planned automation tool investments this year. Infrastructure automation, also focused on the cloud, comes in second place.
  • Cloud automation gains permanence. Compared to 2022, more enterprises are running permanent product jobs than ad hoc development or test jobs. When asked which types of jobs respondents will run in the cloud in 2023, permanent production jobs moved to first place. Meanwhile, year-over-year, ad hoc jobs fell from first place to third place.
  • Self-service automation is booming. Most respondents (92%) empower end-users in data, cloud, development, and line-of-business teams to execute their own workflows and processes. The most dramatic year-over-year growth is from data teams experiencing 2x growth and developers seeing a 4x increase. 
  • Centralized automation teams drive best-practice adoption throughout the enterprise. Three-quarters (77%) have a centralized IT automation team that enables preferred tools and best practices throughout the organization.
  • Data pipeline automation remains fractured. Data teams use a relatively equivalent mix of job schedulers, scripts, enterprise workload automation, and open source schedulers to automate their data pipelines. No data team uses only one tool. Rather, most data teams employ all the different automation methods, indicating an opportunity to implement an orchestration layer for centralized management and observability. 
  • Multicloud data transfers are on the rise. Eight in ten (82%) of those surveyed automate data transfers between cloud service providers.
  • Automation has evolved into orchestration. Likewise, eight in ten (81%) plan to grow their automation program, and 86% plan to replace or add a new platform to support orchestration.
  • SOAPs have grown in popularity. Nearly a third of respondents said they plan to invest in service orchestration and automation platforms (SOAPs) to centrally orchestrate cloud alongside on-premises tools within a hybrid IT environment.

The findings in the Stonebranch 2023 Global State of IT Automation report are based on a comprehensive online survey carried out globally in January 2023. Participants were selected through a stringent, multistep screening process to ensure that only relevant respondents were included. The survey participants held positions in IT operations, data operations, cloud operations, platform operations, IT service management, and application development, and worked for organizations with over 1,000 employees.

Download the full report here (registration required).

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