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Y42 Launches Modern DataOps Cloud Managed Environment for Running Data Pipelines

Y42 reimagines entire product on top of Snowflake and Google BigQuery in meet need for easily accessible, governed, and collaborative data operations.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Y42, the developer of a modern DataOps cloud, has relaunched its entire product. Running on top of Snowflake and BigQuery, Y42 leverages software engineering and product management best practices simultaneouslyadapted for the data worldallowing data teams to be productive quickly.

Launched in 2020, Y42 offers a no-code approach to building and managing data pipelines. The next evolution of the product has been designed to address the core problems businesses face around data, including accessibility, lack of governance, and collaboration challenges, all of which jeopardize critical decision-making and efficiency.

With the introduction of the modern DataOps cloud, Y42 helps businesses overcome these exact issues today while also providing them with a future-proof onramp toward scalable data management as their business and data needs grow. A series of advanced technical capabilities, such as version control on data tables, data contracts, and collaboration features, are now integral to every step of the pipeline.

Product Overview and New Features

Key features of Y42, which runs on top of the Snowflake and BigQuery cloud data warehouses, include:

  • Increased accessibility to data through a fully managed and accessible data stack. Y42 natively integrates open-source data tools (such as Airbyte for integration and dbt Core for transformations) and removes the operational burden of setup and maintenance. Users can access the data stack via the Y42 webapp, a command line interface, or APIs.
  • Better governance and control within organizations, because organizations can finally benefit from full observability and monitoring across every data operation and leverage a comprehensive data governance suite, including a data catalog, asset ownership, data contracts, and multilevel access control.
  • Facilitating better collaboration between teams with best practices from collaboration tools and software engineering, such as consistent version control across the entire data operations enabled by Git.

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