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Video Intelligence Platform VisualCortex Launched

Technology entrepreneur Tony Nicol launches video analytics start-up VisualCortex, making video insights accessible, actionable, and valuable for all video-rich industries and business functions.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

VisualCortex, a cloud-based video intelligence platform, has officially launched. Unlike camera-side or point solutions, which typically focus on one video analytics challenge per deployment, VisualCortex delivers a highly performant enterprise-grade platform to facilitate any real-time or historical video analytics use case. Built to work with both streaming and offline footage, the VisualCortex platform applies machine learning models to video content, enabling organizations to produce analyzable data streams about defined objects and actions. Insights from that data can then be embedded straight into customers’ traditional data infrastructure.

VisualCortex is backed by its chairman and co-founder, Tony Nicol, who sold Australia’s largest data-focused cloud consultancy, Servian, to U.S.-based professional services company, Cognizant, in January 2021.

Utilizing experiences building some of the largest and most complex enterprise data platforms, Nicol said that VisualCortex’s purpose was to enable any complex computer vision use case without compromising robustness and reliability.

Commenting on VisualCortex’s launch, Nicol said the company’s mission was to enable any organization to become a vision-aware enterprise, allowing them to solve commercially valuable challenges with video-based insights at scale.

“VisualCortex’s video intelligence platform removes barriers and provides an enterprise-grade approach and control to computer vision initiatives,” said Nicol. “We’re enabling any business unit to quickly and easily build and implement a video analytics use case to facilitate future ways of working, today -- no matter the nature of your business, hardware, or video content.”

CTO and co-founder, Ben Evans, said that VisualCortex facilitates both real-time action and strategic analysis for any video analytics use case.

“We’re enabling organizations to easily define, detect, track, and produce tangible analytics about the objects and incidents that matter to them -- from vehicle and number plate recognition to people counting and dwell analysis,” said Evans. “Customers can use those insights operationally, triggering real-time alerts -- and pushing the video-based data into operational systems -- to prompt immediate action. Users can also analyze the data derived from their video assets with in-platform reports or pipe it into third-party databases. Combining video data streams with traditional data sources can unearth powerful integrated insights.”

VisualCortex is committed to building, training, and maintaining a growing set of machine learning models, available out-of-the-box with a VisualCortex subscription license. Browse the VisualCortex Model Store here:

The VisualCortex Video Intelligence Platform can be securely deployed in multiple ways to meet individual organization’s needs: as a fully managed service in the cloud, on customer’s private cloud, via public cloud providers, on premises, at the edge, or via a hybrid deployment model.

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