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EDB 14 Supercharges PostgreSQL for Mission-Critical Applications

Latest release adds capabilities for zero downtime updates and upgrades, enhanced Oracle database compatibility, and increased user choice of open source database and tools.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

EDB, an open source innovator and a leading contributor to PostgreSQL, announced the availability of EDB 14, its premiere PostgreSQL platform. EDB 14 adds critical enterprise capabilities, such as extreme high availability and multimaster replication, which are necessary for running today’s mission-critical applications, whether high-speed transactional systems in financial services or geo-distributed analytical systems in retail. Further improvements to EDB’s Oracle database compatibility technology enable even smoother migration, which is essential for the growing number of organizations moving to the cloud.

EDB 14 Highlights

With its team of PostgreSQL engineers, EDB continues to strengthen PostgreSQL to help enterprises do more and go faster. Highlights include:

  • Extreme high availability: Postgres-BDR, a component of the EDB 14 release, allows customers to run PostgreSQL with 99.999% availability through its innovative multimaster replication capability, a unique feature. Multimaster replication allows customers to operate their PostgreSQL databases in “always on” architectures with zero-downtime updates and upgrades, which is critical for keeping databases running optimally and securely.
  • Enhanced Oracle database compatibility: EDB Postgres Advanced Server adds features that further improve compatibility with Oracle database technology. This capability is vital for customers looking to move applications or data from an Oracle database to PostgreSQL and benefit from its superior usability and reduced operational and licensing costs.
  • Improved DevOps for PostgreSQL: EDB’s Cloud Native PostgreSQL, another component of EDB 14, helps Kubernetes users take full advantage of PostgreSQL as their database of choice. This latest version of Cloud Native PostgreSQL provides connection pooling to enable workloads with many concurrent connections to run in Kubernetes, supporting applications with even higher user demands than before.
  • Deployment flexibility: PostgreSQL customers can deploy EDB 14 in any manner, including self-managing their database on premises or using EDB’s BigAnimal, the first fully managed PostgreSQL database in the cloud with compatibility for Oracle database technology.
  • Choice of PostgreSQL distributions: The EDB 14 platform has been tested with PostgreSQL 14 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14, enabling customers to choose between PostgreSQL distributions and tools, including open source, EDB, or a combination.

To learn more about EDB 14, visit the EDB blog.

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