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Deephaven Community Core with Real-Time Data Capabilities Released

Free and open time-series database designed for developers and data scientists removes barriers associated with complex data processing to promote innovation and productivity.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Deephaven Data Labs, a high-performance time-series database, released Deephaven Community Core, a free, real-time analytics data engine with relational database features. Now available to the open source community, Deephaven Community Core allows data developers and data scientists to access and apply real-time data to help solve their big data use cases. 

The amount of real-time data created is exponentially growing and companies need a way to quickly analyze and apply it to decision making. Data scientists and data developers need a solution that integrates real-time and historical data to realize the full potential of their data and eliminate the current dislocation and risk associated with analyzing these data sets with separate tools. 

Deephaven Community Core applies a unique update model specifically designed to track dynamic changes and perform incremental computations. Further, its architecture enables code and custom functions to be fully integrated with table operations, server-side. This provides users with access to new possibilities that are not currently available with traditional client-server database flows. Deephaven’s financial sector customers depend on capabilities like these for automated trading, signal farming, quantitative modeling, simulations, risk, monitoring, and reporting.

Deephaven Community Core can provide workflows similar to a classic database. Users also benefit from high-performance table operations that cover both real-time and historical use cases, as well as both time-series and relational patterns. Further, Deephaven is outfitted with a series of integrations and experiences, enabling the user to employ it as a rich framework in which to develop and deploy data-dependent applications, serving automated downstream enterprise processes and dashboards. Product benefits include: 

  • Superior data interrogation experience for huge and/or dynamically updating data
  • Browser-based table presentation that can handle both real-time data and billions of records
  • Ability to create and publish derived streams easily 
  • Ability to join streams without the need for windowing
  • An API that extends Arrow and Arrow Flight to work with dynamic and real-time data
  • Intuitive user experience and visualization tools

More information is available here.

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