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Actian Updates Embedded Database for Mobile and IoT

Actian Zen V15 delivers multiplatform support for secure data management from edge to cloud.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Actian,  a hybrid cloud data analytics vendor, released Zen V15 embedded database for mobile and IoT. The new release addresses the needs of today’s on-premises, cloud, mobile, and IoT application developers by providing persistent local and distributed data across intelligent applications deployed in enterprise, branch, and remote field environments. 

The third generation of Actian’s Zen database family, Actian Zen V15 software, connects mobile and IoT devices to gateways, the cloud, and traditional on-premises databases. Actian Zen V15 is a cloud-ready edge database that embraces the cloud ecosystem, harnessing the power of advanced architecture to eliminate ETL and latency, and reducing security risks associated with decryption and vulnerable or exposed code. 

In addition, Actian’s Zen V15 database delivers breakthrough modularity and performance on IoT and mobile devices, gateways, laptops, desktops, servers, and cloud platforms. It alsomaintains backward compatibility for remote and branch office environments. Customers can use Actian’s Zen database to leverage the power of 5G wireless broadband. 

Other key benefits and features of the Actian Zen V15 database family include:

  • Third generation multiplatform mobile and IoT device support, zero-DBA, zero-ETL architecture solution for multiple modes including time-series, transactional, and document-centric 
  • Integrates with a broad spectrum of programming languages including C++, Java, and Python
  • Offers ANSI-compliant SQL and common NoSQL APIs for a single database across a wide range of data types, deployment targets, and projects to reduce risk and streamline operations
  • Runs in Docker containers with Kubernetes orchestration, Helm chart configuration for deployment, and supports multiaccess edge computing
  • Auditing and replication functionality via SQL can be performed in database at the edge
  • Delivers up to a 90 percent increase in overall SQL query performance, zero penalty data updates, no change configuration, and extensive support for legacy file formats
  • New time-series functionality for real-time, automatic collection, auditing, and delivery of data by mobile and IoT devices

Edge data management that locally supports persistent data as well as device to device, device to gateway, and device to the cloud is essential to meeting latency, security, and sovereignty requirements for 5G and MEC environments. Actian’s Zen offering is a database partner for various edge applications optimized for Intel Smart Edge Open to build and provision edge services.

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