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Data Stories: What’s in a Name?

Explore androgynous names, common names, and proposed data science group names in these data visualizations.


Gender-Neutral Names

Tableau Workbook

This Tableau workbook displays names that have been almost evenly split between baby boys and girls in the U.S. Choose a decade between 1910 and 2010 to investigate further.


Anna or Amanda?

Flowing Data

Names follow trends, and those trends inspired this playful visualization at Flowing Data. Choose a gender and a birth decade, then start typing. The chart will guess your name based on the most common names at the chosen time.


Fun with Collective Nouns

Great Expectations blog

You’ve heard of a pride of lions, but what would you call a group of data scientists? A few people from the open source project Great Expectations decided to run a quick survey, and they later explained the most popular and most interesting choices in this blog post.

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