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Data Stories: Data Scale, Bitcoin Energy Costs, Space Junk

Technology is an integral part of society today. These graphics help the viewer think about the size of modern data, the cost of energy, and the debris we leave in orbit.


Picturing Data Storage

floppy disk

This animation demonstrates what it would look like to store a set of textures used in modern game design on old-school floppy disks, multiplied by the number of people who downloaded the data over a short period. 


The Other Cost of Bitcoin

engaging data

This interactive map from Engaging Data compares the annual electricity consumption of U.S. states to bitcoin. Switch modes to see which ten states consume more energy monthly per capita than bitcoin does per transaction.


Debris in the Sky

scientific american

The number of objects in orbit (both intentionally and accidentally left there) is growing. This Scientific American article includes charts that show why this is a problem and explains techniques for tackling it. 

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