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Data Stories: Analyzing Dialogue in Media

One interesting way to explore media is to look at who speaks and what they say. These data visualizations break down gender balance on This American Life, word choice on Star Trek, and character interactions on Seinfeld.


Radio Voices

The Pudding

In these interactive visualizations, the researchers at The Pudding examined the gender of speakers across 22 years of the radio program This American Life. 


Character-Specific Words

Reddit TNG 

A user on the Data Is Beautiful subreddit created this infographic that shows the characters who speak the most across the seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and which words each says more often than other characters.


The Rhythm of Comedy

Seinfeld dialog

This interactive infographic from content creation platform Ceros shows a series of interesting observations about the dialogue from Seinfeld, including which characters interacted most often and the frequency of well-known catchphrases.

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