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Automated Insights/TIBCO Software Tool Combo Provides Natural Language Narratives in Spotfire Dashboards

Users can generate both charts and a written interpretation of results when tools are combined in TIBCO’s visualization tool.

A visualization of your analysis may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words play a crucial role too.

That may be one reason that Automated Insights (which makes Wordsmith, a public natural language generation (NLG) template engine) has partnered with TIBCO Software to turn Spotfire visualizations into text.

Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer at TIBCO, told TDWI's Upside that with automatically generated descriptions of a graphic, viewers don’t have to worry about reading “spin.” “The output is consistent, and it’s rigorously interpreted. Using terms that may have a specific meaning in an organization means the text is tailored to the particular organization. That cuts down on misinterpretation of the results.” The program lets enterprises assign specific terms (for example, to be a “significant” change, a KPI might have to change more than 15 percent).

With this combination of tools, Spotfire users can “read instant, written explanations side by side with their dashboards” according to a release. O’Connell noted that “users can now create and embed natural language explanations” right into the TIBCO product. As data changes, the graphic and its text interpretation are automatically updated. 

In a release, the two companies cited Constellation Brands Canada’s use of the tools “to quickly generate written summaries of sales performance across regions and brands, as well as market reports that keep the company updated on success relative to industry competitors. The reports are also customized to the language Constellation uses when communicating internally.”

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