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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles focus on the Internet of Things, including getting insight from IoT, IoT security, and IoT data science. Other articles discuss IT infrastructure and the rise of the data engineer.

Securing IoT Needs to Happen Now (Source: IT Pro Portal)
Why IoT's security problems have become so bad and what enterprises must do for better IoT security.

IoT Data Science: Ten Differences From Traditional Data Science (Source: Kdnuggets)
With connected devices generating more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, data science for IoT will take a more important role in the enterprise. This article outlines 10 key differences between data science for IoT and traditional data science.

Infrastructure First, Analysis Second (Source: Tech Target)
The insight you want may be buried underneath infrastructure problems. This article explains how enterprises can run into analytics trouble if the infrastructure is not sorted out first, and explains how to clarify how important infrastructure is.

Getting Full Insight from IoT Data (Source: TechCrunch)
One of the many complaints of early IoT adopters is how difficult it has been to extract all possible insight from IoT-generated data. This article explains how to make the task easier.

The Rise of the Data Engineer (Source: Datanami)
Right now, the data scientist is the hottest job out there, but this article predicts that there will soon be a huge increase in data engineers and explains what that means and who they are.

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