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Data Digest: Data Protection Quick Fix, Big Data Sample Sizes, and Why Visualize Data

Don't undermine your security and compliance, plus choosing the right sample size and the purpose of visualizing data.

Avoid the “Quick Fix” to Data Protection
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Keeping track of all the new rules and regulations involving data is difficult enough, but following them is even harder. That is why many enterprises have simply taken to a check-box approach to compliance. However, as this article argues, checking off boxes undermines security and the purpose of compliance standards, and that enterprises must take a more serious approach to regulations.


Classifying the Size of Big Data Sample Sizes
(Source: Tech Republic)

Knowing the size of your big data is crucial for managing it effectively. This article shares three best practices for defining the size of a given big data collection.


The Purpose of Visualizing Data
(Source: Computer World)

Visualizing data is a crucial part of data analysis. However, effective visualizations don’t necessarily have the greatest amount of data. As this article claims, the “best” visualization depends on what data you are trying to examine. The best one is not necessarily the simplest.

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