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Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on making big data work, improving data quality, how SMEs can use big data, and how combining databases provides a better view of your data.

Making Big Data Work
(Source: O'Reilly Radar)

Making big data work involves generating insights from huge amounts of information. Doing this is difficult, which is why the author of this article turned to a data miner and enterprise adviser for advice. The resulting podcast between them covers how to turn data into action as well as much more.

Spoiled Data, Spoiled Marketing
(Source: The Data Administration Newsletter)

Collecting large amounts of data is not the catch-all solution to problems as some people would have you believe. No, collecting large amounts of good data is the key. This article shows why bad data is a major problem in marketing and explains other reasons why quality is more important than quantity.

Start Small with Big Data as an SME
(Source: Information Age)

Big data is in practically every large enterprise, but SME adoption of the strategy is slow because these firms are unsure about what to do with all this information. This article advises SMEs on what to do to get started when tackling big data.

Combine Databases for a More Complete Picture of Data
(Source: Birst)

One way of actually improving data quality is by combining multiple databases together into one larger, more complete picture. This article explains how an enterprise can achieve this goal by centralizing data in one department and having the others collect data.

A Second Life for Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

Big data is ubiquitous, but proper use of big data is not. Enterprises can easily collect data but struggle to use it due to poor data paradigms. This article calls for a change in thinking about big data; rather than thinking data collected can only be used once, stored data can be used multiple times for multiple reasons.

Increasing the Speed of IT Without Increasing Risk
(Source: Computer Weekly)

Pressure is mounting on CIOs to more quickly introduce new IT projects. At the same time, these CIOs must be able to avoid unnecessary risks. How is this possible? This in-depth article covers the history behind this epidemic and how CIOs can accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

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