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Data Digest: Best Data Practices, Disaster Prep, Governance Beats Strategy

Articles focus on balancing privacy with sharing data, tips for preventing disasters, and why governance and management are more important than strategy.

The Best Big Data Practices Are Built on Trust
(Source: Datamation)

Collecting huge amounts of data is the first step to good data practices. In a perfect world, enterprises would feel secure in sharing the data they collected with other enterprises, but recent breaches have left most of them hesitant. This article calls for a balance between privacy and sharing collected data.


Tips for Disaster Preparation
(Source: Information Age)

No matter what business you are in, some disaster will befall you at some point. The true test is what you do immediately after a calamity. This article gives some best practices for preventing disasters in the first place as well as how to make a plan when disaster strikes.

Governance and Management More Important than Strategy
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Many CIOs are asking their enterprises if they have a big data strategy in place and if not, when it will be. This article argues that a big data strategy is not as important as data governance and management and gives strong reasons why the author feels this way.

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