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Data Digest: Spoiled Data, Combining Databases, and the First 24 Hours After a Cyberattack

Spoiled data spoils you marketing efforts, plus improve data quality by combining multiple databases and what to do in the first 2 days after a cyberattack.

Spoiled Data, Spoiled Marketing
(Source: The Data Administration Newsletter)

Collecting large amounts of data is not the catch-all solution to problems as some people would have you believe. No, collecting large amounts of good data is the key. This article shows why bad data is a major problem in marketing and explains other reasons why quality is more important than quantity.


Combine Databases for a More Complete Picture of Data
(Source: Birst)

One way of actually improving data quality is by combining multiple databases into one larger, more complete picture. This article explains how an enterprise can achieve this goal by centralizing data in one department and having the others collect data.


The First 48 Hours after a Cyberattack
(Source: Dark Reading) 

Cyberattacks by their nature are disruptive. However, having a plan in case of an attack can mitigate that disruption. This article advises five simple steps to take the first 48 hours after a cyberattack to minimize the damage.

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