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Data Digest: Making Big Data Work, A Second Life for Big Data, and Reducing System Down Time

Making Big Data Work
(Source: O’Reilly Radar)

Making big data work involves generating insights from huge amounts of information. Doing this is difficult, which is why the author of this article turned to a data miner and enterprise adviser for advice. The resulting podcast between them covers how to turn data into action as well as much more.


A Second Life for Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

Big data is ubiquitous, but proper use of big data is not. Enterprises can easily collect data but struggle to use it due to poor data paradigms. This article calls for a change in thinking about big data; rather than thinking data collected can only be used once, stored data can be used multiple times for multiple reasons.


Important Processes for Reducing System Downtime
(Source: Information Age)

When your system is down, you can’t work; that’s understandable. What you might not know is that when your system is down, your enterprise is more at risk to lose important data. This article reveals four ways to minimize this downtime and maximize production.

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