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Data Digest: Simplifying Big Data, Advancements in Security, and Choosing What Data Is Shared

Major advancements in cloud-based IP security solutions, plus simplifying big data and choosing what data is kept private and what is shared.

Simplifying Big Data
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Big data is important and complex. Wrapping your head around all its possibilities and uses is difficult. This article simplifies big data and what to do with it into a “driver’s manual” for easier understanding of the abstract concept.


What Data to Keep Private and What to Share Requires Smart Thinking
Source: Tech Target)

The ability to share data between businesses without fear will benefit all businesses. However, the data compliance laws must always be kept in mind, as this article discusses. Making such decisions about what to share and what to keep private must be done in accordance with the law, but as this article asks, are those laws of compliance good laws?

Advancements in Physical Security
(Source: The Var Guy)

Many enterprises these days have cybersecurity as their major concern but constantly forget physical security. Given all the advancements in technology, it’s no wonder physical security has also advanced. This article reviews these major advancements as well as the rise of cloud-based IP solutions.

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