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Data Digest: Big Data's Limits, Solving Data Quality Problems, and Answers to 3 Cybersecurity Questions

What big data can and can't do, plus how to find and solve data quality issues and 3 key cybersecurity questions answered.

What Big Data Can and Can’t Do
(Source: Data Informed)

Big data may no longer be the high-concept, abstract buzzword it once was, but there is still plenty of confusion about what big data can and cannot do for an enterprise. This article gives the facts of the matter, covering both sides of its functionality.


Finding and Solving Data Quality Problems
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Collecting data is easy, collecting good data is difficult. Because nearly half of all start-ups fail in their first year, it’s important to find and solve data quality issues are important to avoid wasting money on bad information. This article reviews the main data quality maladies and how to solve them fast.


Answers to the 3 Key Cybersecurity Questions
(Source: Information Age)

As more and more enterprises get hacked, the remaining ones ask themselves three main questions: why did the hacker do it, what do they do with the info, and how can we protect ourselves? This article gives in-depth answers to those three questions.

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