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Data Digest: Big Data and Federal Agencies, New Era of BI and Analytics, and Pointers for Moving to the Cloud

A new Unisys survey looks at government adoption of big data practices, plus a BI and analytics post tipping point, and best practices for moving to the cloud.

The Slow Adoption of Big Data by the Feds 
(Source: Unisys)

Big data is turning from being the future in enterprises to being the present. However, areas where you would expect rapid adoption of such practices, such as government agencies, are rather slow on the uptake. This new survey from Unisys reveals only 16 percent of all federal agencies fully implementing big data practices and that just 40 percent of all agencies even have big data practices.


The New Era of BI and Analytics
(Source: Database Trends and Applications)

For the rest of the modern world, the adoption of BI and analytics has reached a tipping point. Now everyone is becoming a data analyst in some capacity. This article covers the shift after the tipping point was reached as well as the future of an era in which these capabilities are completely ubiquitous.


Pointers for Moving to the Cloud
(Source: ComputerWorld)

Moving to the cloud is often the next step for today’s enterprises, but that move can feel daunting. This article interviews experts on moving to the cloud about what the best practices for the shift are; a video is included at the end of the article that further discusses these points.

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