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Data Digest: Modernizing BI and Analytics, Data Integration, and Big Data Paradigm Shift

A call for modernizing your business intelligence and data analytics, plus developing a data integration strategy and a shift in how enterprises look at data for the modern business landscape.

The Modernization of BI and Data Analytics
(Source: Datanami)

The rapid adoption of big data happening in all enterprises has led to a strategic inflection point that stresses getting the most insight quickly and from all sources. Making sure your enterprise will be able to do that requires modernizing your BI and data analytics. This article calls for a revolution in those two fields in order to keep up and get ahead of the competition.


Develop Data Integration for Easy Access to All Data
(Source: Tech Target)

Data is collected in many different databases and stored there, making it a hassle for data scientists to analyze because they first have to gather the data together themselves. As this article explains, making an integrated data warehouse will allow for more and faster insights.


A Necessary Paradigm Shift towards Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

Big data has changed rapidly since the hype cycle started, yet many enterprises are not aware of that and are holding on to outdated views of data. This article advises a shift in how enterprises look at data for the modern business landscape.

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