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Data Digest: Big Data Insights, Usable Big Data, and Warehouses in the Cloud

Turning data into effective action, turning big data into usable data, and the future of data warehouses is the cloud.

Individual Segmentation Requires Systems of Insight, not More Data
(Source: Computer World)

In this climate of individual analytics, collecting more data on your customer is only half of what is required for good insight. The other half is turning that data into effective action. This article covers benefits of systems of insight when applying them to customer service.


Turning Big Data into Usable Data
(Source: Information Age)

Collecting lots of data and assuming it will provide great business intelligence without further work needed is foolish. As this article explains, having large amounts of data does not mean you have a large amount of usable data for analytics. The article also provides important ways to test how good your data actually is.


Moving Your Data Warehouse to the Cloud a Must for the Future
(Source: Venture Beat)

The rush into a hyper-connected world with the Internet of Things requires enterprises to have scalable and powerful data warehouses. Furthermore, these data warehouses must be good for real-time, quick responses. That is why, as this article points out, the future data warehouses will logically be on the cloud.

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